Intensive Care Medicine

Training in intensive care medicine occurs at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Anaesthetic trainees who intend a significant part of their consultant practice to be in ICM need to apply to register for dual accreditation before ST5. The European Diploma can be sat prior to applying (and is highly recommended) but the UK Diploma is best taken from within the ICM programme. Whilst it is a good way of getting on the short list, please note an ICM Diploma isn’t a prerequisite. Those intending to apply for dual accreditation can apply for equivalence at the Step 1 level only if they have 6 months of Acute Medicine as well as 10 case summaries. AM can be obtained as an OOPE during ST training after prior discussion with the ST3-7 TPD.

Basic ICM Training:

All anaesthetic trainees undertake basic training in intensive care medicine at CT1-2. Only 3 months of Basic level training is recognised towards dual accreditation. This means that ACCS Anaesthetic trainees who undertake only 3 months ICM during their Anaesthetic year are not disadvantaged over those that do 6 months ICM during this time.

Intermediate ICM Training:

This applies to all anaesthetic trainees as well as those intending to apply for dual accreditation in ICM. It comprises 3 months ICM at ST3-4 and a further 3 months ICM at ST 5-7. It does not mean than you only do three months ICM at either of these stages as providing your modular training can be delivered it is possible to undertake additional ICM slots in either ST3, 4 or 5.

For more information, read the 2010 Curriculum Intensive Care (Annex F) guidance from the RCOA.

Advanced ICM Training:

Trainees who wish to specialise in ICM and achieve dual accreditation spend 18 months in ST5-7 working in ICM – 6 months in ST5-6 and the entire final year as an ST7 undertaking advanced training. Advanced ICM trainees can work abroad but if they wish to spend a total of one year abroad then six months must be taken as an OOPE. Alternately they could do a split post abroad (6 months anaesthetics/6 months ICM) as an OOPT, as long as the overseas ICM flows seamlessly into their UK advanced 6 months post so as to give a full year’s advanced ICM training in one tranche as an ST7. This must be discussed in advance with the ST3-7 TPD and the ICM TPD.

For further details about training, including registration forms, training curricula and guidance, please look at the RCoA guidance on Intensive Care Training and the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) website.

Paediatric Intensive Care:

The Intercollegiate Committee for Training in Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine (ICTPICM) is a section on the RCoA website which contains all relevant details for training in Paediatric intensive Care medicine.



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