Flexible Training or Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT)

LTFT is available to all trainees with well founded reasons for not training full time.

The London deanery will automatically support those with children under 12, dependant relatives and ill-health (subject to occupational health approval). These are termed category one reasons.

Any other requests are termed category two (such as pursuing sport to a high level) and are looked at individually. They are only approved if there is a Trust willing to support them.

It normally takes three months for the paperwork for LTFT training to be sorted out, but can be activated much more quickly in an emergency. Rarely trainees may need to wait for an appropriate slot to be found for them.

The London Deanery and RCoA College websites both have good information for trainees and detail the process. The Programme Director for LTFT trainees in SESA and the South Coast School is currently Dr. Joy Curran who can be contacted for advice and help.

Please also look at the document ‘Guidance for LTFT trainees in South Thames,’ for a detailed description of what is involved when considering Less Than Full Time Training.

The full time Training Programme Directors should also be kept informed of any planned changes.



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