Intermediate Specialist Training (ST3 and ST4)

ST 3 & 4 is a two year programme with ST3 spent in a District General Hospital and ST4 in a Teaching Hospital. Intermediate training follows a modular training programme that covers the main sub-specialities of anaesthesia. The Final FRCA must be completed by the end of these 2 years even though not all the specialist modules may have been completed by the time of sitting. If required trainees may arrange sessions in sub-specialities they have not experienced prior to the Final FRCA.


  • Register with e-Learning via the RCoA
  • Read the guidelines on the CCT in Anaesthetics on the RCoA website
  • Keep a comprehensive portfolio to evidence your training.
  • An electronic logbook of cases
  • A CPD Form and record all training and audit sessions attended as well as study leave and courses attended. Ensure that you have completed and presented an audit project prior to your ARCP. You need a copy of the handout (6 slides/page) for your portfolio.
  • ST3 2010 Curriculum only – A record of all your DOPS, Anaes-CEX, CbD and MSF (as required) in your Intermediate Training Booklet which is issued to you by the College Tutor of the hospital where you start your programme.
  • ST4 2007/9 Curriculum only – Ensure that you complete the necessary Workplace Based Assessments (WBAs) for each training module you undertake, according to the CCT in Anaesthetics III guidance below.
  • Ensure that you have completed and presented an audit project prior to your ARCP. A 6 slides/page handout will be required for your ARCP.
  • At the end of their intermediate level training the trainee must have obtained The Intermediate Level Training Certificate (ILTC) before moving to higher and advanced level training. This requires the passing of all the required ‘Workplace Assessments’, demonstration of acceptable attitudes and behaviour, and the passing of a formal assessment of knowledge i.e. the Final FRCA Examination or a prospectively approved equivalent qualification. The college have stressed they need all three pages of the ILTC in order to process your eligibility for CCT.


Relevant to ST3 trainees from August 2010 and for the remainder of their training:

Relevant to ST4 trainees until August 2011 when they will be changed to the 2010 Curriculum:

The relevant curriculum for those interested in the following areas:

  • 2010 Intensive Care Medicine (Annex F)
  • 2010 Academic & Research, Teaching and Learning, & Management for Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine (Annex G)

Relevant to all Trainees:


Annual Assessment Process:

  • Annual Review of Progress in Competence (ARCP)




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